Silver and Gold for Lyons

By Renée Haip

The Lyons cross country teams started their current training cycle last summer, meeting and gathering together regularly to train towards common goals and dreams. Under the care and guidance of Coaches Roberts and Boelé and armed with Coach Boelé’s individualized training plans, they took on the work at hand with focus, commitment, and discipline. Nothing—not flood waters, evacuations, or foreign training grounds—could deter them, and on Saturday, October 26th they were set to take on the challenges to be found at the unforgiving 5K state cross country course at Bear Creek Park and the adjacent rodeo grounds at the Norris-Penrose Event Center in Colorado Springs.

The Lady Lions ran in the first race of the day and while most athletes drive hard from the start, the coaches’ plan for the girls was to go out a bit relaxed for the first kilometer, then advance positions through the next kilometer, before taking a measured approach to the top of a brutal hill called Big Willis, which has 150’ of elevation gain in 300 meters.

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