Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I call to your attention the new seeded areas along our rivers, especially those seeded by the sprayed-on mixture. These areas are doing quite well and grasses and other wild plants are thriving. 

Many of the plants are edible and delicious. They include lambs quarter, pig weed, mallow, and dandelion.  Wait till the area is out of danger of trampling before seeking them out.

I also strongly suggest that you be on the lookout for noxious weeds and dispatch them forthwith. So far, the only toxic invaders I have seen are bindweed. As the summer progresses however, other vile weeds are bound to appear. There are scores of invasive weed species in Colorado.  If each of us makes it a point to be on the lookout for "bad weeds" we can nip them in the bud, and give the grasses and edibles a fighting chance.

I pick only the tops of the edible plants; they can continue to grow. I cut up and sauté them with other vegetables, but I suppose they can go into salads as well.

To identify, you can easily look up the good plants and the bad, and armed with that knowledge can add healthy greens to your diet as you fight the good fight against pest plants.

Happy Hunting
Frank Hogg, Lyons

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