Summer Science Literacy Program At LES

Lyons Elementary School has been conducting a four-week Summer Science Literacy Program for first through fourth grade students. The aim of the program is to target below/at required reading level students, and engage

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Stars Come Out At LES

By Kari Basey
The stars shone brightly at the annual Lyons Elementary School Talent Show.  Kids from Preschool through Fifth Grade performed a total of sixty-five acts for their friends and family on Friday, April 25.  Talent was divided into two shows, based on age so that every interested

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New Hand At The Helm

The newly refurbished playground for the kindergarten classes is not the only thing new at Lyons Elementary School (LES) this year. Andrew Moore will be the new hand at the helm, taking over the duties of Principal for LES. As the teachers and staff make preparations for the first day of school (Thursday, August 15), Moore held a staff meeting on Tuesday morning to formally introduce himself and welcome everyone to the new year. (he attended the annual BBQ last May).

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LES Holds Delayed Jog-A-Thon

After being twice postponed, once for the flood and once for snow, the students of Lyons Elementary School (LES) were thrilled to finally hold their first event of the school year, the annual fundraising Jog-A-Thon, on Friday, October 25, at the temporary Main Street. Campus in Longmont.

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Ameritowne Daily

By Harrison Abernathy, Editor/Manager

On a sunny and chilly Tuesday morning four classes, Mrs. Stahl’s, Mr. Ambrose’s, Mrs. Johnson’s and Mrs. Roe’s  took two crammed busses to Young Ameritowne. The busses left shortly after 8:05 a.m. for Denver. Friends and classmates talked, chatted, and even sang to keep them selves entertained

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