By Amy Reinholds
A Monday, May 7, workshop with the Lyons Board of Trustees revealed several challenges for an affordable housing proposal on the eastern end of Lyons. Development partners presented an update for a mixed-use proposal that includes an innovative food agriculture business, a commercial kitchen, and 45 rental homes for people who make 60 percent of the area median income. Trustees learned that it would be a struggle for Thistle Community Housing to complete the proposed housing with federal and state low-income housing tax credits and even as much as $2 million of federal disaster recovery funds.



By Amy Reinholds
At the end of last year, I wrote about a home sharing program for older members of the community that also could also create more affordable opportunities for renters of all ages. The Fort Collins and Loveland non-profit called Neighbor to Neighbor started a matching program to help homeowners age 55 and older rent out parts of their homes to younger people. This spring they are going through the application process for home seekers and home



By Amy Reinholds
At the April 23 Lyons Planning and Community Development Commission (PCDC) meeting, Town Planner Paul Glasgow reported that Summit Housing Group determined it cannot apply for the "9 percent" Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) in this year's application round.

Summit Housing Group, which was assigned the purchase and sale agreement to purchase Lyons Valley Park, Filing 8, Tract A from Keith Bell, completed some due diligence tasks this past week related to a proposal last month for 43 affordable rental homes.

Glasgow said that Summit determined that the title commitment for Filing 8, Tract A that is “subject to PRD” (used in 1969-1979 to allow multi-family housing), only

COMMENTARY: What's the future for affordable housing in Lyons?


By Amy Reinholds
Although not on the agenda for this week’s Lyons Board of Trustees meeting, there are a few updates about affordable housing in Lyons.

Summit Housing Group, which was assigned the purchase and sale agreement to purchase Lyons Valley Park, Filing 8, Tract A from Keith Bell earlier this month, is completing due diligence tasks, including appraisals and geotechnical engineering assessments. Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen said that Summit will have to make a decision within a week on whether to move forward with the proposal for forty-three affordable rental homes.


Commentary: What's the Future for Affordable Housing In Lyons?

By Amy Reinholds
The appraiser who is working with the Town of Lyons for a possible site that could be sold to the Town of Lyons was delayed in finding "comps" for the parcel, Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen reported to the Board of Trustees on Monday.
Simonsen reported at the March 19 meeting that the appraiser evaluating the 2.13 acres at 19617 North St. Vrain Drive said it was more complicated and



By Amy Reinholds
The Lyons Board of Trustees approved a memorandum of agreement Monday with Summit Housing Group, the next step toward affordable rental homes proposed for Lyons Valley Park, Filing 8, Tract A.

At the April 2 meeting, the trustees approved assigning the purchase and sale agreement with Keith Bell to Summit Housing Group, the developer for affordable rental homes that won a request for proposals process last month.

According to the resolution that the trustees approved 7-0, the Town of Lyons will execute the assignment of the purchase and sale agreement within ten business days. Then

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