Dear Lyons Community,
I would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to all the folks who donated blankets, comforters, and cash donations for the trip to Pine Ridge in December. I would also like to especially thank Claudine Perrault, Kurtis Kelly, and the staff at The Estes Valley Library, as well as Sam and

Mindy Tallent from The Stone Cup Cafe in Lyons, the Estes Park News, the Trail Gazette, the Lyons Recorder, and the students at Lyons High School.

The trip was a wonderful success! We filled a Dodge Pro Master Step Van from floor to ceiling with blankets and comforters! I had enough to drop some in the town of Kyle, S.D., as well as in Wanblee, our original destination. With the cash donations received, I was able to purchase four large turkeys and hams for a dinner for the homeless in Wanblee. I was able to give some of the donations to be used for a young girls club project teaching Lakota girls' how to make Star Quilts. The rest of the donations went toward purchasing food for the young runners who take part in the Big Foot Band Memorial Run. The Run follows the route that  Chief Big Foot took with his people before they were massacred at Wounded Knee.

Your efforts benefitted a large number of people. I thank you for this. I gathered email addresses and will send out this thank you there, as well. If you left an email address  and don't get an email, please accept my apologies. Some might have gotten lost or not noticed during the packing.

Once again, thanks so much for all the help. There will be a few folks a little warmer this winter.

Tim Phelps

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