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Invest to Restore

Dear Editor,

Check out the video called banjo. Google Chad Lee banjo. It speaks the truth about the plight of many endangered properties all over America. Places where the almighty buck steals history and the integrity of the innocent, especially at the Elkhorn Lodge and Guest Ranch. Instead of giving a $20 million grant of our tax dollars to build a ski

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Elkhorn Project, Inc.

Dear Editor,
I saw a letter in the paper by Elkhorn Project, Inc. claiming to be saving the Elkhorn and its history. I’ve read their proposal. They are not saving the property or it’s history. It was never ski slopes. The site of those historical barns will be a parking lot. There will be no horses. The historic public trail created by Eleanor James to Deer Mountain will not be rode as it has for over 100 years.  That was the first public trail ever into the nationol park. There was never a big new four seasons hotel, restaurant, bar, shops, ski

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Vote Yes!

Dear Editor,
The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County applauds the great strides St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) has made in recent years to work on closing the achievement gap between kids from low-income families and their peers. The

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Cable Franchise Deal Falls Apart

On Tuesday morning (Nov. 1), Lyons resident Robert Jones informed Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen that the deal for him to take over the cable television franchise for the Town of Lyons had fallen through. The franchise is currently owned by Cameron Stone, doing business as CAMS Cable. Stone purchased the franchise from Champion Cable a little over a year ago.

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Oct. 17 is Extension Deadline to File Colorado State Income Tax

Taxpayers who did not submit their income tax filing by the Monday, April 18 deadline are reminded that the extension due date for Colorado’s 2010 income tax filing is Monday, Oct. 17.   

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Trustees Get An Earful Of Wastewater

by Joseph Lekarczyk

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor.
It was a long day, and night, for most of the Board Of Trustees (BOT) on Monday. The Lyons Sustainable Futures Commission (SFC) brought in Jonathon Todd, of Jonathon Todd Ecological Design, to give a presentation on his “EcoMachine” (a

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Ask the Handy Woman!

Well, it happened again. After a sunny, warm autumn day, I go to bed with the windows cracked open and wake up to cold, drizzly rain and snow. It snuck up on me again, this wintery mix, catching me off guard with my water hose still attached to the faucet.

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