“That Hall girl is running for County Coroner!”

Note: Incumbent Coroner Emma Hall, is seeking re-election for a second four-year term of he Boulder County Coroner's Office. The Democratic Primary election which will be held June 24, 2014

Dear Lyons Community
“That Hall girl is running for County Coroner!” dad excitedly announced on one of our visits to Lyons. “I am going to put a sign by the road.” he continued on. If he only knew.

Our dad was the only flood related casualty in Lyons Colorado. If he only knew how much care Emma Hall took with his family, how much time Emma spent on the phone and in person with us during the week that he was missing and after his body was found, how important this job is to Emma, and how important he was to her. He would have put one million signs by the road.

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Bike and Byways Map Now Available On-Line

With the beginning of spring and unofficial start of the bicycling season today, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is making its Bike and Byways Map available via a mobile application, providing instant information to cyclists.

CDOT’s hard copy of the map currently provides roadway data such as shoulder widths and t

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Lyons Thanks The Big Easy

Last year Lyons Economic Development Commission (EDC) Chair John O’Brien wrote a grant proposal to the FDA to set up a Lyons Revolving Loan Fund to help local businesses expand their operations and thus create more local jobs, an increase in sales tax revenues, and a stronger more vibrant local economy. The grant proposal was approved, and the Lyons Revolving Loan Fund received approximately $50,000 of “seed” money.

The Lyons Dairy Bar, owned and operated by Kenyon and Juli Waugh, was the first business to apply for and receive a business loan from the Lyons Revolving Loan program (right around the time of the flood). Due to the evacuation of the town and the almost total shutdown of the

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Packed House For BOT Workshop

By Joseph Lekarczyk

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor.

They dragged chairs in from the adjoining room, they leaned against the wall, they sat on the floor in the aisle, they even sat in unused Trustee chairs hidden behind the screen used for the Power Point presentation, and still there was barely enough room in the Council Chambers at Town Hall for all the interested parties who came to hear the Housing Recovery Task Force’s

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The Candidates Are Set

 The Candidates Are Set

When the deadline for turning in packets/petitions of intent to run for office (Mayor and Trustee) in April’s municipal election passed last Friday, February 28, a total of ten people had signed up to run for the position of Trustee, and one person had opted to run for Mayor. So, unless someone mounts a spirited write-in effort (the deadline for filing the necessary paperwork to do so is Friday, March 7), it looks like John O’Brien will be taking

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Eco Pass Study Results

After more than six months of work, Boulder County and the City of Boulder are excited to release the results of the Community-wide Eco Pass Feasibility Study (Lyons is one of the communities that enjoys such a pass). The study is available for review at www.BoulderCounty.org/Transportation and Study Result FAQs are available at www.BoulderTMP.net.

For decades the city and county have used Eco Pass programs to reduce vehicle trips and increase personal mobility in the community. Recently, several community-based Eco Pass programs have been successful at increasing the number of residents that have an Eco Pass.

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Lyons Fork Re-Opens Its Doors

Lyons Fork Re-Opens Its Doors

Nearly six months after the devastating flood of September 11, 2013, the plucky little restaurant opens its doors with regular hours and a plan to thrive in Lyons.

Last Saturday, Lyons Fork quietly unlocked its doors and began regular food service for the first time since the flood. The restaurant at the NW corner of Main Street was in the bulls-eye of the floodwaters that flowed down Highway 36 from the North St. Vrain on that terribly destructive night. The floodwaters surrounded the

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