Library District Update

In connection with a proposed new Lyons Library District, a special joint session of the Boulder and Larimer County Commissions is being scheduled in Lyons on Thursday,  August 29. The session is tentatively set for 5 p.m., in the Board of Trustees’ Chamber at Lyons Town Hall.

The idea for this unique joint Commission meeting was suggested by Larimer County Commissioners at a July 9 meeting in Fort Collins with representatives from the Lyons Library Steering Committee and Town of Lyons. Making the Library District hearing

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Welcome Bag For New Residents

By Christy Crosser
New residents who have recently moved to the Lyons area are invited to register for a Welcome Bag full of items from Lyons Area Chamber of Commerce members. You may register online at the Chamber website:

The Chamber thanks the following member businesses for contributing to this Welcome Bag (additional members were listed in a previous Lyons Recorder edition).

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Tiny New Shop In Lyons

Ssssh, it’s on the down low, but there’s a new retail store/movie theater/poetry house in Lyons. It’s called Tiny, and that is an apt description of the joint. Maggie Wells, of Pinewood Springs (by way of New York City/Paris/Los Angeles), herself a poet, has turned the historic sandstone “dynamite building,” located in the empty lot between the St. Vrain Pharmacy and The Fork, into a tiny oasis in the middle of a gravel desert.

Wells, who grew up just south of LA, did her postgraduate studies at the New School in Manhattan, getting a degree in

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Bright Lights

If you’ve ever wanted to see your name up in neon lights, then Estes Park resident Duane Albrecht is the man to see. Albrecht, a retired insurance salesman, spends his summers in Estes and his winters in Arizona. While down south, he became

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Time for me to say so long

Dear Editor,

In early July of 1990, Wayne and I came to Lyons to build our dream house on property we purchased in 1985. As is well known, Lyons became Wayne’s town and he did come to stay.  He worked hard for Lyons and was well honored with the fountain in Sandstone Park being called the Wayne Werner Fountain. I still hear new tales of things he did. The people of Lyons were so good in aiding me when Wayne died so suddenly. I even was called by name and not referred to as

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Do Good, Get “Bangled”

Bangled (v.) [bang-guh ld] - The act of giving a BeadforLife bangle to a friend for doing a small act of good.

Colorado non-profit organization BeadforLife is committed to making a difference; whether a world away in Uganda or in their own backyard. The organization will launch a national campaign to inspire and engage ordinary citizens to “Do Good.” Small acts of doing good will be recognized with a free BeadforLife bangle bracelet and five more bracelets to pass along to others doing good, creating a grass roots movement.

“With so many recent tragedies affecting youth and families throughout the past couple years, we’re inviting people to call out the good in our world,” says Devin Hibbard, Executive Director and Co-founder of BeadforLife. “We receive so many heartwarming stories from people in America whose lives have changed because of BeadforLife and our poverty eradication projects in Uganda. We feel the momentum of that good connecting the continents and hitting us here in our own communities and around the world. We are excited to launch Do Good, Get Bangled as we have dreamed about this for years.” she says.

In Uganda, women who are working their way out of extreme poverty create BeadforLife Bangle Bracelets from recycled paper. Through BeadforLife’s program, they are able to earn income, start savings accounts, and uplift their families. Each

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Dear Editor,
Just wondering if anyone has suggested hiring a security guard to walk around downtown and Main Street, etc., during summer. With the recent robbery of St. Vrain Pharmacy maybe a visible security person would deter any additional problems.

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