Route For USA Pro Cycling Challenge To Come Through Lyons

For seven consecutive days, the world’s top cyclists will race through the majestic Rockies, reaching higher altitudes than they’ve ever had to endure (more than two miles in elevation). One of the largest cycling events in United States history, the 2012 USA Pro Cycling Challenge will feature the best of the best in professional cycling, competing on a challenging course through some of America’s most beautiful scenery. Referred to  as “America’s Race,” the second annual USA Pro

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New History Colorado Center Features Lyons Sandstone

The new History Colorado Center (1200 Broadway in downtown Denver), will officially open to the public on Saturday, April 28. The nearly 200,000 square foot, 110 million dollar center was designed by Colorado raised architect David Tryba. The

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Thank You

Dear Editor,
I’d like to say thank you to Dave Chase, owner of Redstone Cyclery, for giving me the straight scoop on a bike I brought in for a tune-up. Thank you for saving me money, for asking me what kind of bike riding I want to do, and for giving me sound advice on what to do next. I’m planning to get back riding this year and you are getting me off to a good start.

Thanks again,
Carol Pranschke

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Bohn-Fire Cancelled

The Town of Lyons and the Lyons Community Foundation (LCF), after discussions with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, have decided to cancel the community “Bohn-Fire” which was planned for this Saturday, April 14. Late last month Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pele issued a fire ban for all of Boulder County. The ban has been relaxed a little in the eastern portions of the County, and with the light snow/rain last week, there was some hope that the ban might be lifted. However, the recent warm, dry, breezy days have evaporated all hope that fire conditions might improve enough to allow the LCF fundraiser.

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Why is hydraulic fracturing important?

To The Lyons Community,
I am writing this letter in response to the hydraulic fracturing scare recently in our county. This is a complex and emotional issue. I am a production geologist employed with a major oil company and deal with hydraulic fracturing on a daily basis, but have no interest in the wells in Boulder and Weld County. I do, however, live in Lyons and care deeply about the environment and the health and safety of its citizens. I agree with Sapan

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Trustees Grapple With Last Minute Issues

By Joseph Lekarczyk
In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor.

On the eve of Election Day (Tuesday) the Board of Trustees (BOT) grappled with last minute issues until practically the “witching hour” (midnight, well really about 11:30 p.m.). At issue were an ordinance approving the annexation of the property known as the Vasquez 2 Annexation (the old motel next to the stone yard), an ordinance amending the zoning regulations for the Commercial Eastern Corridor (CEC), a resolution to

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What A Town!!!

Editor’s Note: Nick Angelo’s Numbers were based on the non-certified results.

Twenty three people made the difference in regard to the ballot initiative!  That is not a lot, but in a democracy, that’s enough!  Twenty eight people could have voted to deprive patients of their medicine, hard working people of their jobs, and business owners of their livelihood.  But they didn’t, they gave it a little more thought and allowed the concept of tolerance to rule for the day.  At this moment, I am very proud of our little Town!

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