"BOT Gets Plaza Update"

By Joseph Lekarczyk
If it’s October, that means budget workshops. And if it’s budget workshops, that means an empty Council Chambers. Well, almost empty. The Board of Trustees (BOT) had a light agenda (no marijuana and no real replacement housing items) and only one couple showed up at Town Hall to speak during audience

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Local Company Set To Expand

Lyons resident Arn Hayden is the owner and founder of the natural snack food company, SolBites here in Lyons. SolBites was accepted to, and is actively raising capital on CircleUp, which is a leader in equity-based crowdfunding that focuses on connecting angel investors to cutting-edge consumer product companies. It is an exciting time for SolBites, and an opportunity for the company to expand.

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Human Services Safety Net Initiative 1B

Dear Editor,
The Human Services Safety Net Initiative 1B is truly about community and neighbors helping neighbors. The voters of Boulder County passed this initiative in November 2010; the extension is a 0.9 mill levy on property taxes, which translates into $21 per year for a house in the county, valued at $300,000. 

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Become Knowledgeable About Immunizations

Dear Editor,
As parents, every day can seem like a test of our decision-making ability. We all want the very best for our children – happiness, success, and good health – and so we weigh and research each decision to make sure we’re doing all we can for our kids. “Should James go to this school or that one? Should Jenny start

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Vote Yes on 1B-Safety Net Initative

Dear Lyons Voters,
I am writing to urge you to vote YES on 1B, the re-authorization of the Safety Net Initiative. It truly is neighbors helping neighbors! Remember back to 2010 when we were (supposedly) emerging from the Great Recession? Many of our neighbors had experienced financial challenges that they never expected: job loss, job contraction, housing

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Silent for Too Long

Dear Editor,
After many hours of contemplating what to do I have decided that I should write this letter. My wife and I participated in the parade, on September 14, then went to the Wildflower Pavilion to attend the program.

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Ballot Box At Town Hall

There has been some confusion about how many stamps are needed to return your mail-in ballot to Boulder County. The simple answer is if you have a one-page (front and back) ballot it takes one forever stamp. If you receive a two-page ballot you will need two forever stamps. If you already sent a ballot in with insufficient postage, officials from Boulder County have informed the public that the ballots will still be delivered.

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