Thank You Lyons For Your Support

Dear Lyons residents:
As this Board of Trustees winds up its last week in office and as Kirk Udovich, Sandy Banta and myself transition to other pursuits, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the Lyons community for the

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Legal - Special Events Permit/Diva Dash

Pursuant to the Liquor Laws of Colorado, The Town of Lyons has requested the Local Liquor Licensing Authority of Lyons to grant a Special Events Permit to provide Malt and Vinous Liquor by the drink for

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On the Wing: A Birds-Eye View of Boulder County Weather

Join volunteer naturalist Phil Ecklund for a look at Boulder County’s unique weather from the perspective of a glider pilot. From soaring thunderheads to “flying saucer” clouds and powerful winds off the Continental Divide, the weather is anything but predictable along the Front Range of Colorado. Phil will

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Election Results

Editor notes: Edits were made to the votes in bold type, due to the release of the official count on April 3, 2014. Those changes did not change the results of the electon.

The people have spoken. And quite frankly, there were not a lot of surprises. All of the following numbers are as of 10 p.m., Tuesday night (April 1), and are “unofficial.” Town Clerk Deb Anthony indicated that the final official count would be finished by Wednesday afternoon

Beginning with the “race” for the Mayor, John O’Brien, who was running unopposed, won handily garnering

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Eco Pass Study Results

After more than six months of work, Boulder County and the City of Boulder are excited to release the results of the Community-wide Eco Pass Feasibility Study (Lyons is one of the communities that enjoys such a pass). The study is available for review at and Study Result FAQs are available at

For decades the city and county have used Eco Pass programs to reduce vehicle trips and increase personal mobility in the community. Recently, several community-based Eco Pass programs have been successful at increasing the number of residents that have an Eco Pass.

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Mayor Day of Recognition

On March 31, seven Boulder County mayors will gather in Lyons to commemorate the second Mayors Day of Recognition for National Service. These mayors will join over eight hundred mayors from across the country to highlight the impact of

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Vote YES on Ballot Question #1

Dear Lyons Residents:

Mail in ballots go out next Monday and Lyons voters face what will be the most critical decision about investing in our recovery. You will have received a blue sheet in the mail notifying Lyons voter of a ballot issue (ballot question #1) to borrow up to $995,000 from the FEMA Community Disaster Loan program.

Our sales tax revenues were down 25 percent in 2013 with further decreases projected for 2014. Our property tax revenues are down about 10 percent as destroyed properties have been revalued.  Without the

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