Town of Lyons - Monday, September 14

On Monday, September 14, the Board of Trustees held a special workshop to address the concerns from residents, related to the process of obtaining floodplain development permits. Members from the Board, Town Staff, State, and public were in attendance. Citizens were welcome to express concerns and ask questions to the Board throughout the evening.

Town Staff gave a presentation on

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Correction - "Airing Grievances"

In last week’s edition in the article titled “Airing Grievances” in the last paragraph, I stated that, “a visibly shaken Trustee Connie Sullivan and Trustee Dawn Weller apologized to the gathering on their personal shortfalls for not having kept up with the problems these folks had experienced.” That sentiment should have been attributed to Trustee Weller alone.

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Meeting For Prescribed Burns

Boulder County Parks and Open Space will host a community meeting on Tuesday, September 22, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Lyons Fire Department about prescribed burns at Heil Valley Ranch and Hall Ranch planned for this

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A Response to the Curmudgeon

Dear Mr. Moore,
I am compelled to address your article “Definitions” published on September 10. Your article is rife with assumption and limited perspective, and thus reads like a rant, rather than a reasoned argument. To begin, your capitalized ‘never’ immediately renders your argument invalid; is anything in our world so absolute?  How often do you see vehicles fully and completely stopping at a stop sign according to the letter of the law? You take up half

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Clarifier Dedication & Ribbon Cutting

By LaVern Johnson
Scores of people, some from as far away as Illinois, were on hand Saturday afternoon for the MOSAIC: Clarifier Project dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony. There was even one distinguished gentleman from Denver, Governor John Hickenlooper who braved the relentless sun to attend and be part of the festivities.

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BoCo Asks Voters To Confirm Registration

Boulder County Elections Division encourages all voters to periodically check their voter registration. Because all active registered voters automatically receive a ballot in the mail, it is important that individuals ensure their voter registration is up-to-date in advance of an election, especially if they have recently moved, provided an alternative mailing address in the past, or have not voted in several years.

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Airing Grievances

As the two-year anniversary of the September 2013 flood quickly approaches, a group of Confluence Area residents had originally scheduled a neighborhood meeting at one of their residences, and invited a Town of Lyons Trustee or two to attend so that the residents’ complaints and issues concerning the permitting process for rebuilding their homes could be addressed and validated. Trustee Dan Greenberg, himself a former Confluence resident/landowner and unofficial contact

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