Lyons Girl Scouts Earn Bronze

Lyons Girl Scouts from Troop 3970 earned their Bronze Awards this Spring by following through with a service project to make a positive difference in the community. In selecting their project, the girls thought of what they loved, in their case animals, and chose to help Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

During April meetings, the girls constructed wooden nesting boxes, and carry containers, made rice socks, and squirrel

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Lions Club Tree Fund

Following the April 26, “Adopt-A-Tree” planting event, the Lions Club has paid all bills due and retains a tree fund balance of donated money for future tree plantings by the Town of Lyons.

The Lions Club received a total of $11,080, which included Colorado Tree Coalition and CAN’d Aid foundation grants and

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Proposed Replacement Housing Options Offer a False Choice

Dear Editor,
According to the recent Board of Trustees meeting, the Town of Lyons is now seeking federal funds to expand the population of Lyons. This by facilitating Boulder County Housing Authority construction of major new housing and infrastructure in areas of open land that are presently school playing fields and conservation

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Attention All Affiliated And Unaffiliated Voters

This year, the American Constitution Party, Democratic Party, and Republican Party will have Primary Elections on Tuesday, June 24. In order to participate in a party primary election, a voter must be registered with that party. Friday, May 23 is the deadline for those voters who are currently registered with a political party to switch to another political party and still participate in this year’s Primary.

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Lyons Is A Solar Friendly Community

By Joseph Lekarczyk
The recently elected Board of Trustees (BOT) was blessed with a light agenda Monday evening, and Mayor John O’Brien, adeptly using his gavel kept things moving along at a good clip, allowing few interruptions andno shenanigans from those in attendance.

There was no report from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office since Sgt. Nick Goldberger was out of town, so it was on to audience business. Rebecca Kentwell presented the Mayor and Trustees with a “Solar Friendly

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Public Notice - Resolution 2014-43

Notice is hereby given that on Monday, June 9, 2014 at 7:00 P.M., in the Shirley F. Johnson Council Chambers at the Lyons Town Hall, 432 5th Ave., Lyons, CO, a public hearing before the Planning & Community Development Commission will occur.  The purpose of this public hearing is to consider Resolution 2014-43: a Resolution approving a Conditional Use Review Application for a Montessori based

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Dog Days Are Here

If you live in Lyons, and you own a dog(s), the “dog days of summer” are already here! May is the month that all dog owners are required to renew (or as is the case for so many purchase) a Town of Lyons license for your pooch. The cost is $30 for the first K-9, and $20 for each additional animal. A proof of current rabies vaccination is also required. Licenses can be purchased or renewed at Town Hall during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.

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