“Symphonies for Two”

A concert of music for piano four-hands will be held on Saturday, August 23, at 7 p.m. at the Patterson’s home in Allenspark. David Korevaar and Margaret Patterson will perform musical masterpieces showcasing the symphonic possibilities of two pianists at one instrument by Mozart, Brahms, and Schubert.

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Cyclist-Motorist Community Working Group

In an attempt to find solutions to make travel safer for both cyclists and motorists using flood-damaged canyon and mountain roads, and because those roads are likely to see flood recovery construction activity for the

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Open Space Lifts Wildlife Closures

The City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) Department last week lifted seasonal closures that were safeguarding nesting raptors and grassland birds.

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Third Avenue Micro-Park

Former Boulder resident Jeremy Ragland, owner of the bank building on the corner of Main and Third (a.k.a “the broken clock building) hired the crew down at Gwynn’s Greenhouse to create a “micro-park along the Third Avenue side of the building. After replacing a railroad tie planting area

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Walk to End Alzheimer's

By Linda L. Osmundson

Mention dementia and someone will tell you of a friend or family member who has/had it. Do you know one of the 35.6 million people worldwide who suffer from dementia? I do. A year ago my husband, Bob, was diagnosed with Progressive Aphasia Dementia just one of dementia’s many names. Alzheimer’s is another. Dementia affects memory, the mind’s ability to word process, and reason. Causes include heredity, vascular disease,

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BOT Says “Yes” To Pot; “No” To Cigarettes

By Joseph Lekarczyk
Any time a marijuana ordinance, be it retail or medical, is on the Board of Trustees’ (BOT) agenda as a public hearing one can expect that there might be some “emotional fireworks.” That was certainly the case Monday evening, but the fireworks came from a somewhat unexpected quarter.

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County Ordered To Dissolve Paving District

On Sunday, July 27, the Board of County Commissioners was apprised of the Boulder District Court’s ruling in Case No. 13 CV 31685 (Wibby v. Board of County Commissioners), which ordered the county to dissolve the Subdivision Paving Local Improvement District (LID) and refund all paid

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