Hair 4 Hounds

What is Hair4Hounds? Quite simply, they’re a group of people who believe that when a local institution (in this case the Longmont Humane Society) needs our help; they help.

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Ride Free!

All RTD local bus routes in Longmont will be free for riders of all ages starting Tuesday, July 1. Hop on and off as many times as you want, all day long, through the end of 2014.

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A Bounty of Leadership Strengths

Nomination Letter for Victoria Simonsen
You have no doubt already heard about the frightening sirens after midnight, the might of the rain and converging St. Vrain Rivers, and the strata of strain befallen upon the people and pocketbooks of Lyons, Colorado.

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Coroner Puts Primary Opponent On Ice

Life-long Lyons resident and incumbent Emma Hall overwhelmingly defeated her opponent Deron Dempsey in the race for the position of Boulder County Coroner in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. In an extremely contentious race for a position that, quite frankly, most voters prior to a few months ago, weren’t even aware

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Nice Guys Can Finish First

Dear Editor,
Some famous baseball player once said, “Nice guys finish last.” It’s a shame so many people think the same way about politicians, as if only the tough, nasty ones can get their ideas turned into law. We’re fortunate in Longmont to have a number of examples to prove it isn’t true; elected officials who are

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Oskars Says, “ShowUsYurCans!

Craft-CAN beer pioneer Oskar Blues knows a little something about aluminum, so it makes sense that the brewery’s non-profit, The CAN’d Aid Foundation, is launching a national aluminum recycling program.

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“freedom of association"

Letter to the Editor:
Two weeks ago approximately 64% of “active” registered Colorado voters received primary election ballots. Although I am “active,” I did not receive a ballot.  As one of the 35% of Colorado voters “unaffiliated” with either major official party, all I received was a letter stating that I need to “affiliate” in order to vote.   

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