Enthusiastic Support

Dear Editor and Community
I am writing this letter to voice my enthusiastic support for the new ball fields that are to be constructed in Bohn Park. There is absolutely no doubt that our children, and we as a community, are in dire need of new and better-

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A correction

Dear LaVern and the Lyons community,
I noticed in your “About Town” column in the Lyons Recorder of May 5, you wrote, after commenting on the grant writing workshop, that “now what we need are people with time on their hands, who will write a grant on a

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A thank you

Dear Editor,

On Saturday afternoon, May 14, my husband Pat Ward was involved in a head-on collision about a mile up highway 36. Even though vehicles were totaled, lives were not.

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Jazz & Wine Fest At Ciatano Winery

The Ciatano Winery, just three miles outside of Lyons on Rte. 36 on the way to Estes Park, will be hosting “a trilogy of great music, food, and wine at their Jazz & Wine Fest on Saturday, June 18, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The festival will feature the music of the Lyons High School Jazz Band, Back To The Woods, The Dream Doctors, and the Wendy Fopeano Group. The food will be a hot lunch of  delectable Italian specialties, with wine, by the bottle ($18 to

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Pedal Pusher’s Protection Plan

by Helen Colella
The Lyons Recorder

It’s a beautiful day and the kids are home from school - a perfect time for a family bike ride. But before you and the kids rush out and start pedaling, there’s another factor other than the weather that you need to consider – safety. And it has to start at an early age because children start cycling when they are very young. Think back…

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Now The BOT Grapples With CEC

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor.

When is a light agenda not a light agenda? Whenever it contains an item concerning the proposed Commercial Eastern Corridor (CEC) zone. After grappling for months with issues like: uses by rights, conditional uses,

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Lions Club To Host Annual Golf Tournament

The Lyons Lions Club will host their 17th annual golf tournament on Monday, July 25, at the Lake Valley Country Club off Highway 36 between Lyons and Boulder. This is a great opportunity to support the

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