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Beardie Abundance

Beardie Abundance

Colorado Reptile Humane Society(CoRHS) recently received a large number of animals, including eight bearded dragons, when their owner passed away.
There was a generous reponse to a request for habitat donations and the shelter was able to adequately house the animals.  A number of the bearded dragons are now available for adoption.

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Lyons Resident Organizes Unique Craft Sale

Operation Re-Scrap, whose mission is to spark creativity by giving a second life to scraps, bobbles, and underappreciated  craft  and home décor supplies everywhere, is launching its first crafting consignment sale and handmade market this April 21 – 23 at The Ranch in Loveland. Operation Re-Scrap was founded last year by Kim Ivkov, a Lyons resident with a vision for reuse and up-cycling in the crafting world.

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LCF Thanks Community For Support

The Lyons Community Foundation (LCF) exists to improve the quality of life, build a culture of giving and encourage positive change for the Greater Lyons Area (our mission statement). With the continued support of our community, your Lyons Community Foundation will thrive in 2011 and beyond. Please review the LCF’s current status and

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Large Crowd Voices Opinions on MMJ

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor.

Roughly four-dozen citizens (not all of them from Lyons) showed up at Monday night’s Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting to voice their opinions and concerns at the second reading and public hearing for an ordinance on the proposed regulations and zoning for medical marijuana businesses in Lyons. There were, of course, the usual suspects; dispensary owners, employees, mothers against marijuana, teachers, preachers, and the now ubiquitous National Geographic Television crew. New to the mix, were a half dozen patients, who put an interesting, and up to this point mostly unheard, voice into the mix.

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BOCO Agrees To Amend IGA

by Joseph Leckrczyk

After over fourteen months of negotiations, and six different drafts, the Town of Lyons and Boulder County finally reached an agreement on amending their Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) at Tuesday morning’s County Commissioner’s meeting in downtown Boulder. The Town of Lyons wished to amend the boundaries of the Lyons Planning Area

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Parks & Rec. News

Colorado’s Arbor Day is officially the third Friday in April (04/15/11). This year the Town encourages residents to plant new trees on their property in strategic locations to begin to subsidize the number of older trees that won’t be with us much longer, or may have been damaged due to drought, disease, or high winds.

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Flood season begins in Boulder

April 10 to April 16, 2011, is Colorado Severe Weather Awareness Week, and the City of Boulder would like to remind community members that along with severe weather comes flash flood season.  Boulder’s flood season officially begins in April and runs through the end of September, but floods can happen at any time.

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