Beware Of Your Water!

Many of you have probably received a yellow or green card in the mail saying in bold print – “WATER UPDATE.” Then it goes on to say, they haven’t been able to contact you by phone or home visit, and to please contact Miss Gardner within 72 hours, and then lists a number and times to call.
When a call was made to the number, a sweet-voice young thing explains that Miss Gardner is currently out, but that they contacted you because of “reports” about the water quality in your particular area; discoloration, funny taste or smell, etc. And they would be pleased to come to your home and do a free “instantaneous” test to determine what needs to be done to rectify the situation.

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Lyons Man To Stand Trial

Lyons resident Patrick Ward has been ruled competent to stand trial for the death of Boulder resident Michel Van Duym, who was riding his bike through Lyons when he was struck by Ward at the intersection of Second Avenue and East Main Street (Rte. 36) on May 11, 2013. Ward is scheduled to go on

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"Like" At The Library

By Kate Kerr
What’s the most boring book you ever had to slog through? Where is your favorite place to read in Lyons? Has your toddler ever eaten a book? What are people around town reading? Who was Ceran St. Vrain? Can you judge a book by its cover? Ask and find answers to these burning questions by following the library on Facebook.

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Burning Can Raises $20K For Charities

Oskar Blues Brewery’s 2015 Burning CAN Beer Fest was an epic day for outdoor enthusiasts, craft beer aficionados, adventure sports fans, and live music lovers to soak up the ColoRADo sunshine and revel in good times. Throughout the day, festival goers enjoyed an all-can beer fest, watched the Lyons Outdoor Games, participated in the first-ever Beer Relay, and grooved to free music by the New Orleans based band the Revitalists.

Over 2,000 attendees gathered at Bohn Park in for Burning CAN and the Lyons Outdoor Games. Sixty-five “can-centric” breweries from across the U.S.

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Diplomat In The Making

The U.S. Department of State recently swore in Nicholas A. Psyhos, of Lyons, Colorado (Lyons High School graduate, class of 1999), as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer. Psyhos accepted his first tour of duty in Libreville, Gabon in Africa as a General Services Officer beginning in May 2016.

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Another “Bohn" Of Contention?

No one spoke during audience business. No one spoke during any of the three public hearings for Ordinance 975, 977, nor 980. No items were removed from the consent agenda for further discussion. The scheduled executive session was pulled from the agenda. This made for an early night at Monday’s Board of Trustees’ (BOT) meeting at

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LCF Welcomes New Board Member

Kirk Udovich recently joined the Lyons Community Foundation Advisory Board of Directors. He has been a Lyons resident for the past sixteen years. Kirk loves the town, in particular the people of Lyons, and welcomes an opportunity to serve the community.  Udovich was previously a three-term member of the Town Board of Trustees. Kirk is a software engineer for the University of Washington.  

Kirk first moved to Lyons for love of the trails. He spends at least an hour every day getting out to run, mountain bike or climb. He loves life in Lyons with his wife Chris, his two daughters CeAnn and Kylee now both at Lyons High School, and their dog Macie. 

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