Wildflower Easter Service

Higher Ground Ministries will hold their annual Easter Sunday service, egg hunt, and potluck brunch in the Wildflower Pavilion at Planet Bluegrass on Sunday, April 5, at 11 a.m. This year, the love offering will be donated to the England family

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Ho Ho Ho? But Easter Is Coming!

By Carol Pranschke
Dear reader, here’s an Easter riddle for you. What increases the more you share it with others? Joy! Okay, you might say, but why Ho Ho Ho in the season of Easter? First, let me ask if you are ready for joy in your life? For celebration? For fabulous bluegrass and a delicious brunch?

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Search For New Executive Director

After eight years in her role as Executive Director of the Education Foundation for the St. Vrain Valley, Kathy Hall has announced her retirement. The Board of Directors of the foundation is currently searching for her replacement. This Executive Director job opening can be found on the

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BoCo Approves $45 Million For COPs

The Boulder County Commissioners earlier this week approved the sale of Certificates of Participation* (COPs) in the amount of approximately $45 million to be repaid over ten years, with an option to “call” (or repay in full) the COPs after five years. The exact amount of the

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Depot Shrubs To Get “Haircut”

Lyons volunteers will soon address the over-grown juniper shrubs bordering the Depot Library grounds. It has been far too long a time without corrective pruning, which has let the vegetation grow wild.

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Canine Classic 5K Run/ Walk

The annual Canine Classic (a 5K Run/Walk held on Sunday, April 26, at 9 a.m., beginning at the Boulder Reservoir) is great fun for participants of all ages, featuring live music from local band Last Men On Earth, an Avery Brewing beer garden, great food, and vendors. All the

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IRS Identity Verification Service

The Internal Revenue Service today reminded taxpayers who receive requests from the IRS to verify their identities that the Identity Verification Service website, idverify.irs.gov, offers the fastest, easiest way to complete the task.

Taxpayers may receive a letter when the IRS stops suspicious tax returns that have indications of being identity theft but contains a real taxpayer’s name and/or Social Security number. Only those taxpayers receiving Letter 5071C should access idverify.irs.gov. The website will ask a series of questions that only the real taxpayer can answer. Once the

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