One Toke Over The Line

Matt and Ashley Rheingold, owners of Headquarters, celebrated Fourth of July with the opening of their new medical marijuana dispensary just outside of town at the intersection of Rtes. 36/66. There were no fireworks,

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Sixty-five Years And Counting!

Ray and Dora Babcock celebrated their sixty-fifth wedding anniversary with a family dinner at their son’s home in Berthoud. Ray and Dora were married on June 19, 1949 in Hancock, Vermont.

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I Hope You’ll Support Jonathan Singer

Dear Editor,
Being a police officer, or a peace officer of any kind, is a scary job. They have to deal with stressful situations every day, sometimes stress beyond what most of us could handle or maybe even imagine. The kind of violence

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Temporary Relocation For Food Pantry

The Lyons Community Church on Main Street has announced that due to reconstruction/renovation efforts to the church basement, the Lyons Community Church Food Pantry will temporarily be located at the LDS Church at

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May You Hear a Good Story Today

Dear Lyons,
I recently performed a solo performance art piece called “The Art of Love: Come Sacrifice and High Water.” This piece honored Gerald Boland as the one person from Lyons who lost his life in the floods. It was a bit of humor,

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Rabies Found In Lyons

Boulder County Public Heath officials have alerted the public that they have had two specimens sent from Greenwood Wildlife to the CDC labs in Fort Collins test positive for rabies. Health officials are working with

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Lyons Youth Opportunities

Lyons Youth Summer Series
The Town of Lyons invites local youth, come join us on Tuesday, July 22, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., in Sandstone Park for the final session of the July Youth Summer Series! We are now set up for youth to help with town clean up and rebuilding projects. Lyons youth volunteer leaders will be joining us for the afternoon to guide us

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