By Kathleen Spring
Lyons was well represented at the second Women's March in Denver on Saturday, January 20, with approximately seventy people attending. Ian Phillips arranged for two buses to transport residents to the march. One bus was his Colorado-logo mini-bus, and the other was provided



By Katherine Weadly
Director of Lyons Regional Library

Libraries are economic drivers. Great libraries, just like great schools, make an area attractive. In a December 12, Money Magazine article “The 10 Best Places to Raise a Family Now” they state, “We kept our focus on safety, economic health, and diversity, but we amped up the emphasis on education and child-friendly amenities like libraries and parks.” (Money Magazine, December 12, 2017).

Let’s talk data. Over 18,000 people walked into our 1,100 square foot library this year. That’s an increase of 18% over 2016. Patrons came in to check out books, magazines, dvds,



By Joseph Lekarczyk 
If you were driving past the corner of Broadway and Fourth Avenue last Thursday afternoon (June 22) you may have noticed an interesting sight. A young man with a ten-foot wooden cross, bedecked with an American flag, a POW*MIA flag, a crown of thorns, and a combination bike lock; with a backpack slung over his shoulders, headphones over his ears, and a ram's horn in his hand.

His name is Joe Shortino, and he is “walking for the Lord.” On February 13,2013 Joe was called by the Lord to start walking and



Students participating in the national fourth-grade “Every Kid in a Park” campaign are running out of summer days to use their vouchers for free admittance to national lands. To encourage fourth-graders to use their passes in Rocky Mountain National Park, the Estes Park Visitor Center is giving each fourth-grade

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