Main Street Project Plods Along

The Board of Trustees (BOT) sailed through a light agenda at a special “fifth Monday” (usually only meet on the first and third Mondays of a month) meeting earlier this week.

A consent agenda, consisting of four resolutions was approved in short order. The first resolution approved a contract with Land Title to perform the title work for properties in the CDBG-DR buyout program. The second, also with Land Title approved a contract to do the title work for all properties in the HMGP buyout program. The third was the approval of a contract with the Western Area Power Administration. And

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BOT Plows Through Hefty Agenda

The Board of Trustees, minus Mayor John O’Brien (out of the country on a vacation trip to Iceland/Ireland) attempted to plow their way through a two page agenda before their self-imposed 10:30 p.m., adjournment deadline. They almost made it.
Lyons Substation Supervisor Sgt. Nick Goldberger of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office reported that a bear had entered an open

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Lyons A Haven For Women-Run Businesses

By Kathleen Spring
During the May History Month event honoring Lyons’ long-time businesses, two women were honored for their service, Marguerite Peoples and Annalies Wyppler. Residents of Lyons could also point out five other strong

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BOT Wrestles With URA

Urban Renewal Authority (URA) was the "topic of the day” Monday evening for the Board of Trustees (BOT). Not only were there five items about URAs on the agenda, but the pre-meeting workshop covered the subject, as did a hastily called executive session, post-meeting, to strategize with council about a bill signed last Friday by

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Mayor Enjoys Junket

Mayor John O’Brien was in our nation’s capital Monday evening trying to straighten out the mess that is our federal government. Actually, he was giving a presentation on resiliency, so Mayor Pro-Tem Connie Sullivan wielded the gavel at the Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting in his stead. In a pre-meeting workshop the Trustees received a presentation from CU-Denver students on municipal campus design concepts (ideas for public works/town hall facilities), and they also had a

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