Crime, Noise, & Taxes

In the article below, about the BOT titled Crime, Noise, & Taxes, I wrote “Greenberg wants more public input, and he suggested the increase be three quarters of one percent (0.75%).” Trustee Greenberg stated that, “there has been discussion of raising the rate three quarters percent and that I would like more discussion from the Board and hear more public input.” I am sorry for misquoting Trustee Greenberg, and for any confusion and it caused the public.
Joseph Lekarczyk, Editor Lyons Recorder  

Prior to Monday night’s regularly scheduled Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting, the Gang of Seven (six actually, although Mayor Pro Tem Connie Sullivan was on speakerphone) held a ninety-minute workshop to discuss marijuana. Good thing, since the six-month moratorium for issuing new marijuana related business licenses is set to expire in mid-September. Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen pointed out that since 2009, Town officials and staff

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What’s New @ The Library?

By Kate Kerr

How to get a library card?
It’s fast and easy. Just bring a photo ID to the library. Librarian Katherine Weadley and/or assistant Sora Huff will be happy to help you.

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Beware Of Your Water!

Many of you have probably received a yellow or green card in the mail saying in bold print – “WATER UPDATE.” Then it goes on to say, they haven’t been able to contact you by phone or home visit, and to please contact Miss Gardner within 72 hours, and then lists a number and times to call.
When a call was made to the number, a sweet-voice young thing explains that Miss Gardner is currently out, but that they contacted you because of “reports” about the water quality in your particular area; discoloration, funny taste or smell, etc. And they would be pleased to come to your home and do a free “instantaneous” test to determine what needs to be done to rectify the situation.

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BOT Agenda - Mon. Aug 3, 2015

5:30 pm – 6:15 pm - PUBLIC WORKS FACILITIES
6:15 pm  - 6:45 pm – Financial Update

Town Of Lyons Board Of Trustees Meeting
7 p.m., Monday, August 3, 2015

Shirley F. Johnson Council Chamber
Lyons Town Hall, 432 5th Avenue, Lyons, Colorado

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Lyons Man To Stand Trial

Lyons resident Patrick Ward has been ruled competent to stand trial for the death of Boulder resident Michel Van Duym, who was riding his bike through Lyons when he was struck by Ward at the intersection of Second Avenue and East Main Street (Rte. 36) on May 11, 2013. Ward is scheduled to go on

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