Parks Recovery Planning Process Meetings

Come share your ideas and learn about the recovery plans for the parks and trails. The planning teams have developed a new website that will be updated with plans and information throughout the process:

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CEMEX Recognized

The CEMEX Lyons Plant and their employees have recently been recognized by the Wildlife Habitat Council. Their work since October 2014  towards increasing awareness and knowledge about wildlife conservation, and enhancing wildlife habitat is getting recognition from the Wildlife Habitat Council. CEMEX Lyons Plant is a finalist  for the CLL Rookie of the Year Award, and Kellie Courtney is finalist for the Partner of the Year Award. Please

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Moving Forward

Nearly fifty or sixty Confluence Area residents, their friends and family, and a network television news crew crowded into council chambers, the adjoining conference room, the aisles, and the outdoor plaza at Town Hall Monday evening to attend and participate in the Board of Trustees’ (BOT) workshop concerning the issues with

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Show Me The Money!

The Board of Trustees (BOT) held a pre-meeting workshop with Finance Director Tony Cavalier who updated them on the status (timelines for: public input, design, construction, completion, cost, and funding sources) of twenty-one ongoing flood recovery projects at a cost of over $25 million. He also wanted the public to be aware that many of these projects are “reimbursed,” which means the Town gets the money (held by the state) after the

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Town of Lyons - September 14, 2105

On Monday, September 14, the Board of Trustees held a special workshop to address the concerns from residents, related to the process of obtaining floodplain development permits. Members from the Board, Town Staff, State, and public were in attendance. Citizens were welcome to express concerns and ask questions to the Board throughout the evening.

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