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2014 Budget will be a Challenge

By Joseph Lekarczyk
In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor
Date line: Tuesday, October 15

There wasn’t much on Board of Trustees (BOT) agenda Monday night (October 14). No Boulder County Sheriff’s report, no ordinances, no resolutions, no special events permits, no commission or committee updates, in fact there were no action items at all. The perfect scenario for a budget discussion; especially since October is usually budget season, and the Town Finance Director Tony Cavalier is bound by state law to present the Board with a “draft

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Depot Library Receives $15,000 Repair Grant

The Lyons Depot Library has received a $15,000 grant for flood repairs from the St. Vrain Flooding Relief Fund, a special fund established by the Longmont Community Foundation.

The historic Depot library building, dating back to 1881 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, received damage to its floors and sub-floors in

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Library District Taxes Clarified

By Mark Browning   
After recent Town Board and town meeting presentations about the Lyons Regional Library District, several inquiries have been received about details of the proposed tax to fund the library district.  This article will attempt to clarify the situation.

Prior to the flood, the Library District Board of Trustees certified ballot language setting a maximum of 5.85 mills of taxing authority to fund the district.  That amount (which could not be changed after submission) was selected because it was slightly less than average for similar-sized Colorado library districts.  It was also projected to be enough to pay start-up costs (election costs, plus hiring accountants and attorneys), to fund interim library operations and to pay for initial phases of building a new library/resource center (final site review and acquisition, hire architects).

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A Lot To Talk About

By Joseph Lekarczyk
Dateline: October 8, 2013
In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor.
There was only one item on under general business on Monday’s Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot to talk about. Self-described “Temporary/Fill-in/Acting/Substitute/Second-String” Lyons Substation Supervisor Sgt. Kevin Parker (for Sgt. Nick Goldberger) informed the Board that “as of this afternoon (Monday, October 7) the National Guard is no longer manning the check-point as you come into town.” Those duties have been taken over by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office, and will continue until Sunday, October 20. Parker indicated that there would be two deputies at the check-point during the day, and one at night. He also added that there would continue to be stepped up night patrols

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Displace Voters' Balots Will be Mailed Early

In an effort to make sure displaced voters receive a ballot for the upcoming election, the Boulder County Elections Division will mail ballots early to areas of the county affected by flooding. The Clerk & Recorder’s office plans to mail ballots beginning Wednesday to 2,741 residents of Jamestown and Lyons, towns that were especially devastated by floods in mid-September.The 2013 Coordinated Election, set for Tuesday, November 5, is being conducted by mail ballot with several voter service and polling centers throughout the county. If a voter can still receive mail at their regular address, they should receive a ballot. However, if a displaced voter is not receiving mail, or they have forwarded their mail to a new address

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