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Public Notice-Plat Amendment

Public Notice
Notice is hereby given that on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 7:00 P.M. a public hearing before the Town of Lyons Planning and Community Development Commission will occur in the Shirley F. Johnson Council Chambers, Lyons Town Hall, at 432 5th Ave., Lyons, CO. The purpose of this public hearing is to

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No Real Surprise

By Joseph Lekarczyk
A couple dozen people showed up Monday evening for the Board of Trustees (BOT) workshop to listen to the presentation by the Trestle Strategy Group concerning the ranking of possible sites for replacement housing. And, after hundreds of

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Still Available, Still Free!

The Town of Lyons still has dozens of unclaimed RTD bus passes (the green ones) for residents waiting to be picked up at Town Hall.

The free EcoPass program was instituted a few years ago by Boulder County in an effort to encourage commuters

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Public Notice - 2013 Lyons Capital Improvement


In accordance with the notice provisions contained in 38 26 107 C.R.S. 1973, as amended, the TOWN OF LYONS,

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Special Election Redux

There is a very good chance we, the residents of Lyons, will be voting on more than just whether or not to ban retail marijuana sales within the Town of Lyons come 2015, as the citizens’ initiative from the Save Our Parks And Open

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