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Eventually They’re Going To Die!

By Joseph Lekarczyk
“Don’t give up. You have to keep trying and trying. We fought for a new high school for forty years! Eventually the old people who are voting against it are going to die!” That was the advice Trustee LaVern Johnson bestowed upon Lyons Regional Library District Chairman Mark Browning, after he was done giving an update/status report to the Board of

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Town’s Computer System Breached

Around March 25, officials from the Bank of the West alerted Town of Lyons Finance Director Tony Cavalier and Town Administrator Victoria Simonsen of some suspicious money transfers from the Town’s accounts to off-shore (possibly Eastern European) entities. Over the course of a few hours, a total of seventeen money transfers were initiated in amounts ranging from five hundred dollars to a little under one hundred thousand dollars, for a total of just a little under

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Such A Good Showing

One hundred and sixteen Lyons residents officially participated in the 2014 Bolder Boulder 10K race on Memorial Day. The oldest was seventy-four year old Lockett Wood, and the youngest were six year old Ryanna Cullen and Evelyn Frucci.

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Welcome Back!

Last weekend’s Oskar Blues Lyons Outdoor Games presented by Kelty was a great way for the Town of Lyons to welcome visitors back to Lyons to let them know, “We are back!” The games, held in Bohn Park and at the Black Bear Hole, were a

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Public Notice - Final Settlement

PROJECT NO. Bid Package F (Revised), DR4145
In accordance with the notice provisions contained in 38 26 107 C.R.S. 1973, as amended, the TOWN OF LYONS, COLORADO has established June 9, 2014 as the earliest date of final settlement with Premiere Earthworks, Incorporated

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