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Why Vote “YES” On 4C?

By Kate Kerr
Why are we even talking about the library when our main concern is homes for families and individuals who lost everything in the flood? Creating a Library District would help Town of Lyons to focus even more on disaster relief because the new Library District would take over responsibility for the Depot Library. Currently the Town spends $100,000 a year, almost 10% of its budget, on

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Library GOTV Effort Underway

If you see canvassers walking around Lyons streets this weekend with handouts, it may not be religious literature or get-rich-quick schemes. It’s more likely to be volunteers trying to “Get Out The Vote” for

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The End Of An Era

The Outlaw Saloon was packed last Saturday night. A private wedding reception on the back patio, a live band for dancing in the bar, and a Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament in the dinning room portion of the

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No More Chipping

Kyle Miller, Public Works Supervisor for The Town of Lyons wants the residents to be aware that the Town lost its wood chipper and many other pieces of equipment and supplies when during the floodwaters of September 2013 washed away much of the Public Works storage building across from Bohn Park. At this

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Your Growing History Museum

By Kathleen Spring
The Lyons Redstone Museum is like the Christmas tree decorations that you add to each year. One year you put a wooden toy house to represent your first home, and another year you put your baby’s photo

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