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LCF Gala Dinner A Big Success

The Lyons Community Foundation (LCF), whose mission is “To improve the quality of life, build a culture of giving, and encourage positive change for the Greater Lyons Area,” did that in a big way last

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BOT And Staff Overcome By Chlorine!

BOT And Staff Overcome By Chlorine!

In the interest of full disclosure, let it be known that the author of this article is married to the Mayor.

In what would have otherwise been a very benign, dare I say, boring meeting Monday night, the Lyons Board of Trustees (BOT) and Town Staff were shocked, stunned, and overcome by a report from

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DOW Studying Lyons Fish

Ben Swiggle and a team of fish biologists from the Colorado Division of Wildlife were in town this week to study the fish population in the St. Vrain River. The team used a shore based electrofishing unit (the fish are shocked and then collected in nets) to determine the population, species, size, density, and biomass of the fish in a dozen different pools along the river.

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A Determined Young Woman

By Chelsea Alfieri

Bright and early on the morning of October 3, Mollie Miles, a determined woman, entered the “Race for the Cure” in downtown Denver. The annual event raises money for research to find a cure for breast cancer. No stranger to these types of fundraising events, in August of this year, Miles participated in a span of bike rides through the Rockies to benefit the Safehouse

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Got Bud – Opinions?

The Planning and Community Development Commission (PCDC) met in a workshop Monday evening to discuss their recommendations, to the Board of Trustees (BOT) for zoning

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