Town Of Lyons

Your Growing History Museum

By Kathleen Spring
The Lyons Redstone Museum is like the Christmas tree decorations that you add to each year. One year you put a wooden toy house to represent your first home, and another year you put your baby’s photo

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Need a Yard Sign?

Help us spread the word on the upcoming important vote on the New Lyons Library and Resource Center!

Place a Yard Sign in your yard!

Visit here to order your sign. Please be sure to completely fill out the form.

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Public Notice - 2014 August Disbursement

Town of Lyons Disbursements

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"Circles, Circles, Circles!"

By Joseph Lekarczyk
It’s always an ominous sign when the sheriff comes to your door unexpectedly, and that was certainly the case at Monday night’s Board of Trustees’ (BOT) meeting. Instead of the usual report to the Trustees by Lyons Substation Supervisor Sgt. Nick Goldberger, Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle,

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Hero List Still Open to Nominees

A massive list of names of heroic people and groups who helped with Lyons recovery were put together over the past few months.  A seven foot poster of the Heroes' names will be on permanent display at the museum.  There will always be names that were

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