Town Of Lyons

No Quorum, No Problem

The Planning and Community Development Commission (PCDC) planned to meet Monday evening, but due to a resignation, and a couple of Commissioners being out of town, there weren’t enough Commissioners present to make up a quorum. No problem, Chair Jeff Cornell and Vice Chair Marty Hine, along with PCDC liaison Trustee Kirk Udovich, Planner Danna Ortiz, Administrator Victoria Simonsen, and Mayor Julie Van Domelen used the time as a workshop to discuss timetables for the workbook/implementation of the recently updated Comprehensive Plan as it pertains to the Colorado Department Of Local Affairs grant. And since they had some time on their hands, they discussed the best way to proceed and get community input concerning zoning regulations, etc. on the medical marijuana/dispensary/grow operation issue, now that the State has passed its new law. No surprise, the workshop ran a little later than expected.

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