Town Of Lyons

PCDC Elects New Chair

The Planning and Community Development Commissioners (PCDC) met Monday night to do a little “January housecleaning.” The “chores” included welcoming newly appointed Commissioner Michelle Allen, choosing Commissioner Marty Hine as the new Chairman, and prioritizing a work schedule for the coming year.

They also got an update from Administrator Victoria Simonsen on the ongoing negotiations and strategies for the amending of the Intergovernmental Agreement with Boulder County concerning the expansion of the Lyons Planning Area. The feeling is that the Boulder County Staff continues to “throw curveballs” at the Lyons negotiating team: adding new demands after issues have seemingly been covered and agreed upon, continuing to re-enter unacceptable language into the agreement after it has been deleted, making statements about landowners desires, which don’t jibe with what the landowners tell officials from Lyons, and generally sowing the seeds of distrust for the County’s true motives.

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