Letters To The Editor

Vote yes on 1B!

Dear Boulder County citizens,

There are many reasons I feel Boulder County citizens should support open space by voting yes on 1B. One big reason is to support our local economy. Make no mistake about it – investing in open space is key to our local business climate.  It is a big part of the reason that Boulder County has been so successful in attracting employers.

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Dear Editor
I write this letter with a heavy heart after hearing of seven young people who, in the last month, took their own lives because of the bullying and taunting they endured. While

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Thank you, Mary, a million times over!

Dear Editor,
The Lyons Garden Club and the Town of Lyons were the recipients of many many beautiful plants and shrubs to enhance our town ABSOLUTELY FREE from Mary Bukszar owner of Ute Trail

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Heartfelt Thank You

Dear Editor,
Thanks to Dee Dee and my family, we had a great party on Oct. 1, celebrating two events; the closing of the Lyons Café, and the opening of Double D Accounting in its new location. After a lengthy run of 48 years, the “pie place” is calling it quits. This was the final celebration to bid goodbye and say a heartfelt thank-you to the many, many

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Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101

Dear Editor:
Amendments 60 and 61 and Proposition 101 create an unprecedented $4.2 billion deficit at the state and local level, displacing 73,000 jobs, terminating over 8,000 classroom teachers, and dramatically increasing fees and licenses on small business. This will happen,on top of the 110,000 jobs already lost in Colorado in the last 18 months of the recession. In fact, these measures will trigger a voter-approved second recession.

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