Letters To The Editor

What is Good Old Days?

Dear Editor:
A reporter from the Daily Camera was in town this past weekend and asked me what is Good Old Days? It made me think that with all of the emphasis on events and bringing visitors to Lyons, this event at its heart is about celebrating this small town. And what a celebration it was this year. I never thought that in a single day in Lyons there would

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We did it!

To the Lyons Community,
We did it!  We got sketchy.  We set a World Record for “Largest Mass of People Ever Etch-A-Sketching the Same Subject”.  It’ll be a few weeks before we get the official word

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I Was Surprised

Dear Principal Keppler,
I was surprised to see in next year’s teacher assignments that Doug Stahl has been moved to 3rd grade and that you are hiring a new 5th grade teacher.  It seems to me that you should be hiring a new 3rd grade teacher instead.  This move is not for the betterment of our school, nor does it benefit our students.

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“Y” bus route

Fellow Citizens of Lyons,
Three incidents on the “Y” bus route connecting Lyons to Boulder compelled me to take action. All incidents occurred on the “Y” carrying riders either to Boulder from Lyons or

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To All Concerned Members of The Lyons Community

Re: Character of Lyons, and Zoning in Eastern Corridor

I have lived just outside of the Lyons Town Limits for almost 36 years. During this time I have been employed in the Town, attended Church in the Town, volunteered in the Town, and two of my children

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