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What LSC was designed to do

Dear Editor:
Next week, the County Commissions will vote on whether to form a new library district in the greater Lyons area.  If the district is formed, the existence of the Library Steering Committee (LSC), which has lead the effort to create a new library/resource center in Lyons, will end.  With this (hopeful) transition in mind, let’s take a moment to consider what the LSC has accomplished.

Let’s begin with what the LSC was designed to do, and not do.  Composed entirely of volunteers, but with no budget or bank account, the LSC’s purpose was to gather community input, study possible sites, determine costs and library features, and get a library district formed.  The new

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I have some grievances

Dear Lyons Community,
I have some grievances with the proposed Library District and Library Steering Committee.

A number of years ago when I was on the Town Board I expressed my skepticism about spending $80,000 for a comprehensive Town management plan because

I wasn’t sure it would be used.  But we did create a plan, and the plan was to a significant degree based upon survey results.  Let me share with you some of those survey results.

First in the Lyons Comprehensive Plan Survey on Page 4 the people were asked to, “Please rate Lyons as a community on each of the items listed below.  63.6% of the respondents rated the Quality of the library: very good, good or adequate.

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Dear Editor,
Just wondering if anyone has suggested hiring a security guard to walk around downtown and Main Street, etc., during summer. With the recent robbery of St. Vrain Pharmacy maybe a visible security person would deter any additional problems.

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Time for me to say so long

Dear Editor,

In early July of 1990, Wayne and I came to Lyons to build our dream house on property we purchased in 1985. As is well known, Lyons became Wayne’s town and he did come to stay.  He worked hard for Lyons and was well honored with the fountain in Sandstone Park being called the Wayne Werner Fountain. I still hear new tales of things he did. The people of Lyons were so good in aiding me when Wayne died so suddenly. I even was called by name and not referred to as

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Our Best Wishes for a speedy recovery

Editor’s note: Mayor Julie Van Domelen sent this letter to the owners of Crabtree Entertainment, the company that put on the carnival for this year’s Good Old Days celebration. She wanted to share it with the community.

Dear Mr. Crabtree:

On behalf of the Town of Lyons, Colorado, I want to commend your company and employees for their exemplary response to a sudden extreme hailstorm that took place on Friday, June 28, during the Good Old Days Carnival. Your crew took immediate actions to shut down rides and protect the public. Several risked their own safety to help children caught out in

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