Letters To The Editor

Dedicating A New Home

Dear Lyons Community,

On the night of September 11, 2013, this family as well as all of Lyons suffered great trauma and loss in the flood with 30,000 cubic feet of water a second pouring thru town, losing their home and all their belongings, but were glad to survive that fierce water in the middle of the night.  Everyone in town was soon evacuated.
I met Carmen at the Longmont Post Office a few days after the flood.  She was very distraught and had no idea of what would become of them.  Our thanks to

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Vote "No"

My dear fellow Lyons residents,

Many people misunderstand the upcoming housing vote, believing that we need to give up Bohn Park to bring homeowners home. That is NOT what you will be voting on. The vote is, simply, should we give up our parkland for a massive, taxpayer subsidized, Boulder County Housing Authority low-income rental project, where participants will build up no equity and consist primarily of non-Lyons residents?

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In Defense of Recreational Marijuana in Lyons

Dear Editor,
There is no question that keeping our children safe should be the highest priority. There is no question that the people of Lyons want to prevent our youth from using marijuana before their brains are fully developed. Yet, does banning recreational marijuana in Lyons achieve that goal?  No, it does not.  

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We Are All Accountable to Each Other

Dear Lyons Area Residents,
March 24 is a very important date on the Lyons calendar. The way the vote goes concerns all of us. The date that concerns me more, however, is March 25. That is the day, regardless of the outcome of the Bohn Park vote, we must decide how we move forward as a community.  

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Let's Stop the Bullying

Dear Lyons residents.
The term “bullying” has gained national recognition over the past few years.  Normally, it’s used in the context of students’ actions towards others including both physical action and cyber-bullying.  Bullying behavior is a form of aggression to achieve power over another, and conscious or not, has an intention to harm. 

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