Letters To The Editor

A Letter from Lyons Library

Dear Lyons Library Patrons,

The Lyons Library did experience flooding. We are still assessing the damage but hope to make materials available soon.
We assure that you will not incur any fines for books and materials lost or damaged in the flood. If you do have damaged items, please tell us so that we may file an insurance claim on them.

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A Letter from Lyons Fire District

Dear Lyons,

Lyons Fire Protection District would like to thank all of its volunteers, staff, contractors, responding agencies, and others for all you have given during the flood event.

Lyons Fire Protection District was measurably affected by the flood. One of the district’s primary fire trucks is currently irretrievable and possible

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The GearSPOT

Dear Lyons Community,
It’s been a bit over two weeks now since the “1000 year flood” in Lyons and surrounding areas, with effects to these communities that run deep. Our community here in Lyons has proven itself to be giving, supporting, compassionate, hard-working, and downright amazing! Sincere thanks from us at The GearSPOT goes out to all of those lending a helping hand during this time of uncertainty.

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Our profound gratitude

Dear Lyons Community,
After completing our first week of school since the recent devastation in hard-hit Lyons, we want to express our profound gratitude for the massive outpouring of caring and support for our schools’ recovery.

Thanks to the people of the St. Vrain Valley, our students, many of whom remain in temporary housing, are back in school with teachers and friends and

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Stillwater Healing Arts Update

Dear Editor,
Thank you for all your thoughts and concerns. While we are all safe, our community has been significantly hit by the flood. All roads into Lyons are inaccessible and the community is being evacuated.

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