A Crazy Thought

Dear Editor:

One crazy thought that might not be so nuts.  I don’t know what kind of acreage is available for development in our eastern corridor, but Naropa University is looking for land in Boulder County to build a campus.  Lyons would be the perfect location.  Our outstanding music, art, and recreation provide the perfect small town for a small university.

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Enthusiastic Support

Dear Editor and Community
I am writing this letter to voice my enthusiastic support for the new ball fields that are to be constructed in Bohn Park. There is absolutely no doubt that our children, and we as a community, are in dire need of new and better-

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Lucky if I find an empty ball field

A couple of weeks ago, there was a letter to the editor voicing opposition to the addition of a softball field at Bohn Park.
As a town resident and someone who voted in the survey a few years ago, I would like to show my support for this proposal by the PRC.

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A correction

Dear LaVern and the Lyons community,
I noticed in your “About Town” column in the Lyons Recorder of May 5, you wrote, after commenting on the grant writing workshop, that “now what we need are people with time on their hands, who will write a grant on a

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A faraway thank you for Lyons

Dear warm-hearted and wonderful people in Colorado,
Thank you so much for sending me such a generous amount of money. It was such a heart warming moment to receive your positive thoughts and action. It has been 47 days since the earthquake and tsunami.  It was really hard for me and all the people around me to

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