Vote yes on 3A

Dear Editor,
I, being a longtime school crusader (1948 to present), am on the St. Vrain Valley School District Over-Ride Committee to help pass a vote this November which will recoup the 14 to 16 million dollars in funds passed by the voters in 2008 but taken by the State of Colorado.

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Thank You!

Hi All,

The good news is that we have received word that a grant from the State Historical Preservation Fund, to finish work on the museum, has been awarded to the Lyons Redstone Museum. The money from the grant will cover: pointing the sandstone with the rounded antique tool, painting the exterior panels on the upper story, and painting and renovating the fire escape. The total cost of the project is $71,197 (grant of $54,248, plus a cash match of $18,049).

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A Reality Check on the “Healthiest” State in the Nation

The Colorado Health Foundation’s annual health report card released March 22, provides a reality check on Colorado’s persistent reputation as the “healthiest” state.  Looking at 38 indicators of health across the lifespan, the report concludes that the health of Colorado’s pregnant women

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Be Responsible for Yourself!

To the Editor,
I have just returned from a trip to the recycling bins with my recyclables and what I saw prompted me to write this letter.  There was trash piled up on the fence side next to the skateboard park and mystery trash (in large black trash bags) piled next to the cardboard bin along with other NON-RECYCLABLES.  There was also shredded

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“This town rocks!”

Dear Lyons Community,
The Lyons Community Foundation (LCF) wants to take this opportunity to say “THANK YOU! LCF, and Bonfils want to thank everyone  for their support of Easter weekend’s blood drive and bone marrow  registration. We far surpassed all our expectations. We maxed out the bus, filling up all of the potential

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