Letters To The Editor

Times Have Changed

Dear Editor and Lyons folks:
A “NO” to the library tax, is a “YES” to preserving our Lyons culture.

Times have changed since I moved to the Lyons area forty-three years ago. It was a dusty drive through with a main street lined with carpet shops. I marvel at what we have become since the days when even a

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Dear Editor,
What is politics? Expressing your ideas on the “rights” and “wrongs” of an issue. We all have that right. If you don’t agree, that is all right too. Send in your information as to why marijuana is good for our Lyons’

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Explore Other Options

To the Mayor and the Lyons Board of Trustees,

I am unable to attend the meeting this week, and would like to offer my thoughts for the public record and your consideration.

It has been suggested that those who oppose the use of our currently designated parks and open spaces for the construction of replacement housing are uncaring and lack sensitivity on this issue. 
Not taking into

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Bohn Park is Sacred Land and Deserves the Same Respect

Dear Editor,
Town officials seem to be in a headlong rush to use our town parks for replacement housing. Most troubling is the proposed use of Bohn Park.

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Discovering a Great Teacher

Dear Editor,
When I attended the dedication of the plaque and bench to Gerald Boland, I discovered a man of significance.  When helping produce the program brochure, the family stated that it would not be a memorial, and they

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