My displeasure

To the Editor,
I’m writing this letter to express my displeasure over the way I was treated as a member of the public at the April 11, 2011 Parks and Recreations Commission and to further express my displeasure over the way that meeting, and apparently the PRC, is run as a municipal body. 

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Say something positive

Dear Editor,
Nuclear plants are basically a (dangerous) way to create steam (which in turn provides electricity). There are better ways, and if these two “better ways” (plants) broke down, the most dangerous thing that would happen is that it (the plant) would be ruined, and have to be rebuilt.

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Permit me to make a few remarks

To The Editor:
Permit me to make a few remarks about the MMJ issue presently before the Board of Trustees. First, I would like to remind everyone that the topic that is

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Glimpse behind the scenes

Dear Editor:
The good news is circulating that Lyons will benefit from over $2.2 million in Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) funds, which are Federal transportation monies channeled through the Denver Regional Council of Governments. To put this in perspective, that is almost twice as much as Lyons has received from all grants combined over the last 10 years, including the

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Nothing teaches like experience

Dear Editor,
Nothing teaches like experience. Repeated direct observation can be a good teacher, too. Below are some of my observations with marijuana.

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