Truly Amazed

Dear Editor:
Another year has gone by, and so has another successful Thanksgiving food drive.  Once again, the Town of Lyons community has come together and has

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A True Servant's heart

Dear Editor,
Upon invitation, I was thrilled to enjoy a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner at Dave’s Dogs Gone Wild 2 (Now moved indoors for the winter at City Chicks Café) and the City Chick’s

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A Class Act All the Way Around

Editor’s Note: A Hotchkiss fan sent this letter to the Lyons Middle/Senior High School athletic director after our Lyons Lions fell to his team in the playoffs on Saturday. The letter is reprinted with the author’s permission, who added that he spoke with many Hotchkiss fans who felt the same way.

My wife is the cheerleader coach at Hotchkiss, so I had the privilege of attending the game last Saturday. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was with your staff, football team and members of

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Lyons Town Motto

Dear Editor,
I read with interest the various suggestions for a Lyons Town Motto.

I haven’t seen one so far that really grabs my fancy, although the Chamber of Commerce’s “Lyons Rocks” would be my pick of the bunch.

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Be careful what you ask for, or don’t ask for.

Dear Lyons Residents,
Reading last week’s article on the PCDC, it seems that Lyons is at a crossroads on some issues, and the people of Lyons need to get involved. The marijuana issue is a complex issue that has been left very

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