Only one week left for exhibits

Letter to Editor,
All the people who braved the cold drizzly weather Saturday, got to see many artifacts at the Lyons Redstone Museum that are normally unavailable to the public, including old scrap

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Invitation to perform with LHS Band

Dear parents, siblings, alumni, and friends of the Lyons High School Band:

In an effort to teach students the value of lifelong musicianship as well as to take advantage of an opportunity to draw our community together, I would like to invite you to perform with the Lyons High School

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Thank You!

Thank you Wendy Hayden for expressing your concerns regarding the signage used by the “alternative” medicine shops in Lyons and elsewhere in Colorado.  I had no idea Lyons  and Colorado have so  many “sick” individuals requiring this type of questionably beneficial medical treatment.
Bobbie Ward

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A sincerely thank you

Letter to the editor:
On behalf of the Lyons Clarifier Project, we would like to sincerely thank all those who participated in our LCP Open House/Workday held last Sunday, September 12, especially our loyal volunteers, supporters and sponsors.

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Try to be good neighbors

Dear Lyons,
As the former owners of the Lyons Recorder, we seem to find it almost as difficult to close a business as it is to start up.
We tried to be good neighbors and supporters of Lyons business and were charter members of the Lyons Community Foundation.

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