Letters To The Editor

2013 Membership Drive

Hello Chamber Members,

We are wrapping up the 2013 Membership Drive for the Lyons Area Chamber of Commerce. Since we have not yet received your membership renewal, we want to be sure you know about the upcoming deadline for listings in the 2013 Electronic LyonsFirst Guide Book. The deadline is Friday, May 31! This is a final notice. Don’t miss out on promoting your business through LACC!

The Chamber provides year-around marketing, communications and networking services to our members. But, as a membership organization,

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2013 Budget for the Town of Lyons

Dear Lyons Residents,
The Board of Trustees has been working many hours over the past couple of months constructing the 2013 budget for the Town of Lyons.  We set out with the goal to write a balanced budget that is

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Top 10 Reasons I Love Lyons

Dear Editor,
Moving to Lyons from Boulder in 2008 will always be one of the best decisions of our lives.  I have come up with a list of the top 10 reasons I love Lyons.  This list is only to be shared by residents of Lyons.  It is top secret!
10) The best outdoor ice skating rink for miles around - I don’t ice skate, but I love to walk down to

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Law Day

An open letter to the residents of Colorado,
This week people across the United States will observe Law Day. It is a time each year to celebrate the rule of law and the role the courts and legal system play in helping people peacefully resolve disputes in modern society. Here in Colorado we will be privileged and honored to have

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EDC ednorses Ballot Issue 3-A

Dear Lyons Voters,
The Lyons Economic Development Commission endorses Ballot Issue 3-A, the Mill Override measure for the St. Vrain Valley School District.

EDC Commissioners don’t stand alone on this issue. We have joined a large group. Mayors of every town in the school district support this measure. So do a substantial number of business organizations, economic stakeholders, and community leaders throughout the school district.


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