Letters To The Editor


To The Community:
On April 11, the Parks and Recreation Commission recommended to the Town Board of Trustees to further develop Bohn Park by upgrading some current facilities and equipment and by adding a new ball field.  I am opposed to that portion of the recommendation relating to the construction of a new ball field and am requesting the BOT not approve it.

In a statistically accurate survey conducted in 2007, a majority of residents of Lyons stated that they (a) generally want their parks to be left in a more natural state with little development of facilities with more natural open space and little equipment; (b) want their parks to be quiet and peaceful with a preference that out-of-town visitors not be encouraged to visit the area and the lack of interest in wanting or funding athletic fields; and (c) do not want major development at their parks including adding more built-in equipment and more recreational fields, with the possible exception of public restrooms.

In direct contradiction of these clearly stated preferences, the PRC made its recommendation for the construction of a ball field.

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