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Festivarians “Tip” Fire District

Officials from Planet Bluegrass have announced that through the generous donations by Festivarians during the recent Folks Fest, $7,922 was raised for the Lyons Fire District! A big thank-you from Chief

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NoCo Nature Festival

The Birding Fair has a new name, new location and more pizzazz! Everyone is invited to a free day of fun on Saturday, September 27, 7 am - 3 pm. Live animals, interactive activities, music, food, vendors, presentations, and giveaways are on the agenda for the day. Bring the whole family to Nix Natural Area in Fort Collins for this all-day nature celebration. Visit for more info, including a full agenda of activities.

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Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado Launches Digital Badge Program

The statewide nonprofit Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado (VOC) has launched its #YourCO digital badge program to recognize those who care for Colorado’s natural resources. The various badges allow people to showcase their skills and achievements in outdoor stewardship online.

To earn a badge, people can either take part in a VOC project or take care of Colorado on their own time via simple, ‘do-it-yourself’ stewardship activities.

“’Do you care for Colorado?

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Walk to End Alzheimer's

By Linda L. Osmundson

Mention dementia and someone will tell you of a friend or family member who has/had it. Do you know one of the 35.6 million people worldwide who suffer from dementia? I do. A year ago my husband, Bob, was diagnosed with Progressive Aphasia Dementia just one of dementia’s many names. Alzheimer’s is another. Dementia affects memory, the mind’s ability to word process, and reason. Causes include heredity, vascular disease,

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Lyons 5K River Run For Flood Recovery

By Renée Haip
With the crack of the starting gun, more than two hundred and fifty runners charged down a newly designed Lyons 5K River Run course on Saturday morning. Metropolitan State’s number one distance runner Kirk Harvey, donned in Superman attire, immediately took a lead that went unchallenged, finishing in a blazingly

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