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Planet Runs Best Festival On The Planet!

The Telluride Bluegrass Festival, produced by Lyons’ own Planet Bluegrass, was awarded “Music Festival of the Year” at the 26th Annual Pollstar Concert Industry Awards, held at the Ryman Auditorium last Saturday night, February 21. This marks the first time a Colorado festival or any “bluegrass festival” has ever won this prestigious award.  

The award was presented by stand-up comedian Ralphie May, who exclaimed: “I love bluegrass music!  Love Colorado!” after announcing the winner.
In his acceptance speech, Planet Bluegrass president Craig Ferguson said he was “kinda stunned.”  He added, “Awhile back someone called me and said that the

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Red Fox: An International Store With Local Appeal

Red Fox: An International Store With Local Appeal

By Lizzy Scully
Red Fox is offering a locals discount for 20% off until Christmas. Plus, the store will be offering warm refreshments the day of the Holiday Parade, December 6. 

When Jim Wagner moved to Lyons from Glenwood Springs it was initially because this avid world traveler and Red Fox outdoor equipment and clothing company designer wanted to be closer to the airport. But not long after moving, he realized that Lyons would be the perfect place for a flagship Red

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Third Avenue Micro-Park

Former Boulder resident Jeremy Ragland, owner of the bank building on the corner of Main and Third (a.k.a “the broken clock building) hired the crew down at Gwynn’s Greenhouse to create a “micro-park along the Third Avenue side of the building. After replacing a railroad tie planting area

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Lyons Business Expanding

Opticus Inc., the original Internet supplier of prescription high altitude (glacier) glasses announces their expansion into prescription everyday glasses at their national office located at 419 Main Street in Lyons.  

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There’s A New Chef In Town

There’s A New Chef In Town

Just last month, the Lyons Area Chamber of Commerce held their monthly social at the CrossFit St. Vrain gym. The well-attended affair was catered by Lyons resident Bobby Clark of Clark’s Catering. Clark has been working as a chef for nearly four decades. He got his start as a young kid training as an apprentice under a Master Chef from Switzerland. Once bitten by the cooking bug, he enrolled and graduated (class of 79) from the Kansas City Culinary Institute. Since then he has spent his life moving up through the ranks of Sous Chef to Head Chef at various Country Clubs, retirement communities, and the University of Missouri (Columbia).



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