One Year And Counting

With all the changes that have occurred at the St. Vrain Market, it’s hard to believe it’s only been a year since Neil and Connie Sullivan took over the reins. Saturday, August 28, the couple will celebrate their first anniversary as the market’s new owners. In that time, they have: completely cleaned, refurbished, and painted the inside of the building (floor to ceiling), stuccoed and painted the exterior, installed a new sign and awning, set up umbrella tables with chairs, commissioned a new mural for the exterior west wall (Jake Pinello is just beginning a second mural on the carwash which should be finished by September if the weather cooperates), revamped their deli, expanded the fresh produce selection, opened a bakery for fresh baked breads and goodies, increased and modified their inventory, hired a dozen new staff members (all local), and increased the sales tax revenues they contribute to the Town’s coffers.

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