Adolescent RISE
by Nicholas D. Thompson LCSW
Nov. 9, 6:30 pm, LMSHS

Adolescent RISE is a training that takes a fun and in-depth look at the developmental period of adolescence. It includes debunking myths about adolescence,



By Nina Auslander
The Lyons soda fountain has gone through the hands of thirteen owners, the Great Depression, a fire, a flood, and too many renovations to count. Throughout all of the soda fountain’s storied history, one constant remains: the beautiful back bar, made out of Italian and Vermont marble, dark cherrywood cabinets, and colorful stained-glass panels framing a mirror. Generations have peered into the reflection, ordered an ice cream soda, and watched the world go by.



By Joseph Lekarczky

After a long (nearly as long as this opening sentence) and uneventful evening; financial updates were given, as was the sheriff's report, audience members were heard from, the two public hearings for ordinances concerning the library and the five-acre rule were, yet again, continued to dates certain, the consent agenda was passed,


The face of our landscape and lives of our neighbors were forever changed four years ago as a thousand year rain pounded down upon Boulder, Larimer and Weld Counties. Tangled debris remains, like scars on the riverbanks, reminding us of the unfathomable devastation of those September days. Yet it is also testament to the resolve for restoration with which that destruction has been met.

The Town of Lyons, Boulder County and the State of Colorado has observed numerous areas of Myrtle Spurge and other noxious weeds within the Town of Lyons. Eradication of State List A Noxious Weed Species (elimination required) is necessary for the health of native species. The Town of Lyons works closely with the County, and action toward compliance is in full force. Be advised compliance with the


Just after 3 p.m., on Thursday, July 20, a lone man robbed the Bank of the West at 303 Main Street here in Lyons. The suspect made a verbal demand for money before going behind the teller's counter to seize the cash. After grabbing cash, the suspect fled the bank on foot. The robber was last seen fleeing northbound on

Lyons Life By Ken Singer

Although Sgt. Nick Goldberger doesn’t live in Lyons, he has been the top cop in the Lyons Substation of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office since February 2013. It sort of makes him the Chief of Police with the job of supervising a number of deputies in town. Just about everyone in town knows him and calls him “Nick,” and that’s the “small town feeling” and

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