Longmont Hope Clinic staff

With the imminent closure of the Milestone Medical Clinic in Lyons, many people are uneasy about where to turn for quality medical care. Hopelight Clinic, at 1351 Collyer Street in Longmont, wants to reach out to the residents of Lyons and welcome them with open arms to our family practice. Hopelight is more than just a medical clinic; as a 501(c)3 non-profit we focus on caring for you and your family. We also offer behavioral health, laboratory services, fitness programs (free for seniors), CPR education, music and art classes for children, and we

have a pharmacy and drugstore on site. The best part of Hopelight is that we accept Medicaid and Medicare and in many cases, provide our services for free or low cost!

We know how difficult and time consuming it is to find and change over to a new medical provider.  Hopelight has a streamlined process that allows you to see the doctor you prefer or if your problem is urgent you can see any doctor on duty, because sometimes illnesses don’t wait for the next convenient appointment. Hopelight also welcomes walk-in patients. We value your family’s time, so we also have an on-sight pharmacy that houses most medications including name brand antibiotics and other medications needed for daily living.

Hopelight Behavioral Health is the newest and fastest growing addition to the Hopelight family. We have counseling for all ages and stages in life and therapy programs ranging from childhood development to grief counseling. Hopelight Behavioral Health specializes in behavioral therapies for children with special needs such as sensory issues, emotional/developmental issues, and even children on the autism spectrum.  Starting in August we will have a substance abuse support group. More programs are being developed all the time.  You can find out more about the Behavioral Health program at www.hopelightbh.org.

Hopelight Fitness was created to care for the physical health and offers low-cost yoga and fitness classes.  Our fitness classes offer a wide range of classes for any fitness level. We offer classes such as Turbo Kick, walking classes, circuit training, cardio sculpting, and more! Our senior citizen classes also include chair yoga for increased flexibility and strength. Hopelight Fitness even offers Brain Training. These are classes that help to sharpen mental acuity. There is an updated class schedule on the web at www.hopelightfitness.org. Any combination of classes as frequently as you like to take them are all one low price of $10 per month (free for 65 and older).

Many schools face funding deficiencies and cutbacks resulting in loss of programs such as art and music.  Children benefit so much from creative programs and this reflects directly back into their school work. Hopelight saw a need in our community and created The Crescendo Program (www.crescendocreative.org) for school age children. After school classes include art, choir, piano, guitar, violin, recorders, and world drums. Kids can attend as many classes as they want for only $5 per month per child. 

Starting this fall Hopelight Education Services will be starting a tutoring program for school aged children. Currently we offer English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to all ages. This is just furthering our commitment of involvement with the community and our dedication to families who need these services but normally don’t have access to quality programs.

Over the years as Hopelight has grown, we have received tremendous support from the community, and we are grateful. As we look to the future, we are excited about the prospects of continuing to serve you - whether you are a medical patient, a volunteer, a parent of a student, or any other individual involved with Hopelight in some way,

our mission is to serve you and connect you to resources that can improve your overall health. We welcome everyone! Our approach and intent in everything we do is to help you discover ways to manage and improve your health and sense of well-being. Hopelight wants to help fill the void left when Milestone Clinic closes. Please contact us for further information at (303) 776-7117, or online at www.hopelightclinic.org.

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