Invert To Survive

With Lee Hall & Bob Gilson

Lee: What was the first thing you did after you evacuated Lyons?
Bob: Sat down on a toilet that did not require I fill it with water before use. Didn’t even need to share a flush with someone.
Lee: Ahh, simple pleasures.
Bob: But it didn’t last. The reading rack included an article on inverters.
Lee: Do we really want to hear about this?

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Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Enrollment Period Looming

The annual prescription drug plan enrollment period for Medicare beneficiaries begins Tuesday, October 15, and runs through Saturday, December 7. Each year, the plans can change, so it is recommended to do some comparisons to find the best plan for you. This is also a good time to review prescription drugs with a physician.

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Crunchy Carrots Are Great Lunch Box Snacks

Each month, the Colorado Department of Agriculture features a different commodity to highlight the variety and quality of products grown, raised or processed in the state. This month, Colorado carrots are featured in the Colorado Carrot Sticks with Greek Yogurt Ranch recipe. 

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Time Running Out For Solar Grant Program

Two solar incentive programs are offering exciting limited-time offers to encourage a transition toward renewable sources of energy in our community.
The City of Boulder Solar Grant Program provides financial assistance toward the installation of photovoltaic (PV) or solar thermal systems. Homes in the city’s affordable housing program, lower-income housing developed or owned by nonprofit organizations, and Boulder-based nonprofits are eligible to apply. More

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Stream-Lined Gypsy

Penske truck moved her away on Monday
Big Rain River took my stuff on Thursday
I’m a
Stream Lined Gypsy
Born on Friday
Couch surfing hobo

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County Seeking Mentors

Boulder County is looking for volunteers willing to dedicate their time on a weekly basis to help local teens achieve positive life changes. The Boulder County Community Services Mentor Program is seeking adults who can work well with teens, be a positive role model, and commit to three hours of mentoring per week. Volunteer time essentially consists of activities enjoyed by participants, whether it is going to a ballgame, watching a movie or just grabbing a bite to eat.

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Dixieland Jazz Festivals

Roads Traveled with Linda L. Osmundson

At the time my husband retired from a position that required weekly travel, understandably, he wanted to stay home rather than hit the road again. However, that eventually changed. Now he wants to attend Dixieland Jazz festivals and go on a cruise once a year.

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